Industry Example

Local Businesses

Business and local company promotions used to be relegated to phone book and local newspaper advertising to get the attention of the prospects in their neighborhood. Not anymore. SAMLEE gives the ability to generate buzz and attract more customers using the Web. Have a new sale or product? Sponsoring a local youth sports team? Release your campaign targeted to your audience. Add links to your website and drive more sales all at a fraction of the cost.


Are you an online retailer? A start-up business selling a single product on your web? You need SAMLEE. In minutes you can create and submit a campaign release to promote a new product, announce a sale, and drive potential buyers to your site.

Technology Companies

The technology market is one of the fastest moving markets out there. To get your business, your software and your technology needs to get into the market before your competitors and with product reviewers, consumers, bloggers and journalists in mind. You can create a campaign release and distribute it all across the web – on news sites, industry blogs, and through social media channels to get the word out fast. Results are often within hours.

Travel and Hospitality Industry

Local, national, international; people everywhere are always looking for a great new place for vacation and they will typically start their search on the web. Use SAMLEE to get the attention of journalists who can review your location while targeting consumers who is looking to get away.