Generate Publicity With SAMLEE

It's simple. You write an article or create advertising campaigns such as billboards, print media, promotionals - whatever. We get your campaigns out there to your targeted customers and audiences.

Create Your Campaign

Every organization has news article or some form of advertising campaign that will interest potential customer. SAMLEE can quickly share your news and we are here to help. Our support includes TRICKS & TIPS to help you create the perfect campaign in quick time.

Distribute Your Campaign

With SAMLEE wide network of partners, we get your campaigns out there in quick time. Depending on your campaign, it could reach your targeted local and national audiences, media outlets and more. How about social network? Let's go viral and go far!

Track Your Campaign

Detailed analytics let you see the immediate impact of your campaigns release. How many times it was shared and where prospects learned about your campaign and business. These measurements show the impact of your campaign.